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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Epicurious App

I would try to blame my lack of posts on all the snow, but that would be ridiculous -I was stuck in the house anyway. Blaming it on my broken foot is pointless too - we still have to eat, and I can sit to type. So I am going to blame it on winter malaise. There. Argue with that.

However, the snow is melting, the sky is blue and I am starting to come out of the doldrums of monotone and frost, prompting me to begin rooting around for all things soup related. This exploration (and an ITouch from my thoughtful hubby) led me to my new favorite App - Epicurious


This app lets you search for recipes based on ingredients, meal type, cuisine, diet, or occasion. Once you do a search you can scroll through all the recipes for your parameters in the data base, most with photos and reviews. You can save your favorites and create shopping lists based on specific recipes. You can even email recipes. It is very convenient in a grocery store, when you see a great piece of something and need to build a recipe around it.

So far the recipes I have tried have been from top cooking mags - Bon Appetit, Gourmet, one was a rip off from Cook's illustrated, and the recipe reviewers caught it (I did too - it looked pretty familiar).

All in all, for under $5, I would say this is a handy, mobile tool.